Raw & beautiful

The story of you

The world isn't kind to bodies. I do believe every bodies deserve to be photographed & celebrated. I want my clients to experience having someone looking at them the way I look at them, through my lense. I want to remind them how gorgeous & divine they are.

We are harsh on ourself, and we are harsh because society can be cruel. Society loves to policize, especially women appearance. She’s too fat, she’s too thin, she’s too tan, her butt is flat, she has mom boobs, she has stretch mark, she’s old, she should get fillers, she should tan, she should go blonde, etc. Every fucking day we are reminded that our appearance is wrong. Every fucking products we pick, every ads we see, every magazine we open showcase perfection. And let’s be honest, that's impossible, perfection does not exist.

Life is not instagram, life is real, life isn’t a filter & life shouldn't be curated. We should celebrate our differences, accept our rawness, inspire people. Instead, we erase textures, we pinpoint them as flaws, we tuck the belly in, shape the hips & the waist. We tell ourself that it is okay because it's how it is, we can't fight it.

I’m part of the problem especially when my work is ‘‘magazine’’ inspired. I do believe clients are allowed to be empowered the way they see fit, and if it’s seing themself as a perfect human fantasy so be it, no judgement here. But I also feel that I have some responsabilities. I could use my talents to fight beauty canons, I could use my talent to showcase natural, to tell the world that raw is beauty. Everybody is entitled to be themself and it’s not brave. Every bodies are allowed to exist, appearance shouldn’t dictate our value.

If you're looking for a complete different experience than glam, you might want to consider; Not Brave, just Raw. What is it ? I can tell you what it's not; definitively not a glam session. If it's important for you to control & filter your image, it might not be for you & that's okay! Not everybodie is ready for that journey but this experience is for all. Instead of creating convincing lies, we'll dive deeper & create beautiful truths. You can expect a more personnalized approach, we're we will share about insecurities, about strenghts, about vulnerabilities. You can expect beautiful & challenging images. While I'll post process them via lightroom, color tone them, have a bit of creative fun, add overlays, I won't photoshop them. I won't erase your texture, I won't change your appearance.

Not Brave, just Raw.

Let’s be kind to our bodies, let’s celebrate them.