The story of Me

Experienced photographer, I was always deeply passionnate about the visual arts. Fascinated by the work of legends as; Nan Goldin, Helmut Newton, Larry Clark, Gaspar Noe, Diane Arbus. If they could make me feel, then I would remember. Glam trash, porno chic, intimate diaries, i was always drawn to emotion, to rawness. The humanity in it’s bestiality is my favorite subject, I like complexity. Always seeking new experiences, I've lived in the fast lane for a while. I have thrived but also suffered. I understand the needs, the struggles, the bad, the ugly & the amazingly beautiful. My experience has given me a keen photographic eye allowing me to capture amazing images for you.

My goal; to capture and glorify the best while making the experience fun! I absolutely adore editorial shoots having a minor in art history, I feel that we can totally explore genre, and create your dream session.

My style ? Whatever inspire me.

What would your ideal session be like? I will work extremely hard to offer you nothing less than your absolute dream session. From Glitz & Glam, to Playful & Casual, or even Moody & Sexual, let me know what style you want, what kind of story you'd like, and I will put my creative mind to the job!


Victoria Belmont

“I've been working with Luxuria for over 3 years. Her service is always top notch! She makes you feel beautiful, confident, comfortable, will make you laugh , she's patient and she'll guide you into the perfect positions to make your body look good on picture .She's always on time , easy to reach, and will work with you to make your pictures look exactly how you want it. Photoshoots are expensive but it’s totally worth it ! Trust me you will have trouble to choose your favorite pictures … there will be lots!”

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