Not Brave, Just Raw

The Virtualy there

Session done 100% in virtual
1 look
5 Digitals


The Divine Soul

Sliding Scale rates & sessions
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Online Gallery (Watermarked)

Min $300

The Creator

While I don't offer TFP, this is the next best thing. Sign a release & get

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Glam Sessions

The mini

45 minutes session
5 High ends Digitals
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The boudie

120 minutes session
12 High ends Digitals
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The Bossie

180 minutes session
20 High ends Digitals
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What is your a la carte rate ?

My hourly rate is $175/h. Additionnal time will be billed at $125/h.
Additional High end retouched digitals can be purchased at $60ea.
Additional digitals can be purchased at $40ea.
Untouched gallery can be purchased at $250.

Why do you have 2 type of digitals and why the price difference ?

That's an easy one!
One is a bit more complex (tattoos & scars removal, bodymorphing, skin smoothing & the usual color toning) but it's also taxing on my mental health. Can you imagine spending your day being told to fix what is perceived as flaws ? I can and let me tell you, it's draining. Hence the price difference.

The normal digital include skin smoothing, color toning, but not the tatoo removal nor the alteration of your body.

How long is the turn around ?

You will receive an unedited & watermarked gallery 24 to 48 hours after our shoot. My turn around for retouched images is 2 to 4 weeks from your selection.

Do I need to pay a Deposit ?

Yes absolutely, no date nor location will be held without a 25% retainer.
Please note that if travelling or hosting you'll be charge an higher retainer.

Do you provide the location ?

Unless specified, I do not provide the location. Location is at the expense of the client.

Is Hair & Makeup included?

Hair & makeup isn't included but can be arranged. I work with fantastic artists. Rates can vary between $120 to $200.

What is Not Brave, Just Raw?

If you're looking for a complete different experience than glam, you might want to consider; Not Brave, just Raw. What is it ? I can tell you what it's not; definitively not a glam session. If it's important for you to control & filter your image, it might not be for you & that's okay! Not everybodie is ready for that journey but this experience is for all. Instead of creating convincing lies, we'll dive deeper & create beautiful truths. You can expect beautiful images that are challenging norms. While I'll post process them via lightroom, color tone them, have a bit of creative fun, add overlays, I won't photoshop them. I won't erase your texture, I won't change your appearance, there absolutely no body morphing, no tatoo erasing, it's a no body alteration experience. Think of it as a body positive initiative.